US DMF HDPE Pharmaceutical Rounds

Our HDPE bottles are made in compliance of US FDA guidelines for pharmaceutical plastic packaging


We manufacture Pharmaceutical HDPE Bottles on IBM machines in Clean Room environment. We have designed all our production operations with minimal human intervention to avoid human errors and prevent contaminations.


Important Features

Multiplast ensures quality control and production efficiencies by making significant investments in Latest Technology. System Reliability allows Multiplast to reduce labor and material costs to save your money.
Our HDPE Bottles quality is maintained to have uniform wall thickness, minimum taper and concavity allowing even, wrinkle free labeling

PcodeDescriptionWeight (in gm)Height (in mm)OFC (ml)Body Dia (mm)Max. Label Height (mm)
499B28-20 CC Bottle6.549.530.034.518.0
277E28-30 CC Bottle7.562.845.034.835.0
1203C28-30 CC Bottle6.554.541.036.928.0
1201C33-40 CC Bottle (HW)14.059.545.037.930.0
266C33-40 CC Bottle7.059.550.038.130.0
261B38-50 CC Bottle12.561.
267C33-60 CC Bottle9.074.573.039.545.0
268C38-75 CC Bottle13.080.595.044.545.0
1205C38-75 CC Bottle11.
1204C38-75 CC Bottle (HW)17.580.281.041.345.0
262B38-85 CC Bottle15.079.5105.046.140.0
269C38-100 CC Bottle12.578.0110.047.648.0
498B38-120 CC Bottle20.095.8133.047.562.0
265C38-150 CC Bottle25.091.0160.054.550.0
288C38-180 CC Bottle25.0110.0200.055.070.0
500B45-65 CC Bottle15.064.5115.053.030.5
291G45-200 CC Bottle25.0102.0235.060.960.0
293F45-300 CC Bottle40.0120.0315.066.073.0
294C45-350 CC Bottle37.0123.5360.069.0100.0
296F53-400 CC Bottle40.0111.4425.078.565.0
1206C53-400 CC Bottle50.0118.3431.076.265.0
295C53-450 CC Bottle45.0122.0475.078.475.0
298C53-550 CC Bottle45.0131.0565.082.080.0
299B53-650 CC Bottle60.0156.0700.084.0100.0
300B53-750 CC Bottle65.0166.7820.086.7110.0
1207C53-750 CC Bottle65.0171.9843.086.1110.0
301C53-900 CC Bottle70.0174.0920.089.5130.0
1208C53-950 CC Bottle80.0165.11023.098.4120.0
302D53-1000 CC Bottle90.0182.51120.096.0130.0
303B89-1200 CC Bottle100.0164.51470.0115.0110.0
304B89-1500 CC Bottle110.0169.01750.0124.0115.0
412A89-2300 CC Bottle100.0216.02300.0124.5170.0

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